Upsooke was born out of necessity. For a small seaside town, there sure is a lot happening in Sooke these days. The problem, is keeping track of it all.

Which food trucks are in town, and where are they?
Where can I hear live music on Friday night?
What can I do with my kids this afternoon?

Upsooke aims to answer these questions, and more!

Get Involved

Business owners and event organizers are encouraged to sign up for an account and post what’s happening at their location. Without your involvement, this site will fall flat.

Here are some examples of how businesses can utilize Upsooke to keep their customers informed…

  • Eateries can post recurring events* for their daily specials.
  • Food trucks can post their schedule, so customers know where and when to find them.
  • Venues that host weekly entertainment events (karaoke, live music, open mic, trivia night, etc.) can also post recurring events*.
  • Businesses can use the Promotions category to let customers know about sales or specials that are happening at their location.

* Recurring events are events that occur on a schedule. Create them once, and they will show up each week on the corresponding day automatically.

Upsooke is FREE to use, and always will be

Yes, really! Upsooke was created by Small Axe Creative out of personal interest. We invested our own time and energy, simply because we saw a problem we could solve, and have the means to do so. Down the road, we will be introducing paid extras for business owners, but the core Upsooke experience will remain free for all.

Header photo by Greg Heubner AKA Saskatchewan Avalanche Watch, used with permission. You can follow his work on Facebook and Instagram.

Upsooke is brought to you by…

Small Axe Creative

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